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Where Real Ale meets Stand-Up Comedy


It takes weeks of fermentation and conditioning to make really good beer.

Hours of boiling and cooling, mixing malts and hops- all done for you.

Choose a pint to start with, the show is about to begin.

I saw this wino eating grapes. I said: "Dude, you have to wait!"

Mitch Hedberg

Our Beers


Freedom of choice in Up the Creek:

Enjoyable ale for the thirsty and hungover. Torrefied oats and rye give light and smooth body, Citra and Azacca hops provide medium high bitterness and a refreshing finish. Dry hopped.


English Bitter with a New Zealand twist. Slightly amber in colour with a long-lasting head. Medium malty body from heritage Chevalier malt which carries the bitterness of Green Bullet- earthy and fruity hops from the other side of the globe. Slight plum and prune notes. The aroma is provided by hops called Kohatu (which means ‘rock’ in Maori) giving a hint of melon, pineapple and grassy attar.

A black beer with a pronounced roasted flavor and the desirable superiority of black malts and their sweetness. With a touch of bitterness for the right balance and no hoppy aroma. Served with a creamy head through the nitro pour.

Irish Stout

Crisp and light lager, made with the finest Barke barley. Spicy and floral notes of noble German hops and Bohemian malty character.

The first recipe I’ve opened the brewery with, still on the tap due to its popularity. Pale straw gold in color with very good head retention. Fashionably cloudy as torrefied wheat was used as a base. Moderate malty sweetness in body with some spicy wheat aromatics. Its light and refreshing finish comes from sweet orange peel and crushed coriander seeds.

Modern aromatic IPA. Sweet and mighty with use of experimental English hops Olicana and American Azacca and Citra. Hench gives a lot of melon and peach aroma on the nose.


A heavy, malty beer with rich texture – reminiscent of plums, prunes and cherries. Dark brown in appearance with medium low bitterness. Smooth and warming, ideal for Polish winter.

Dark and heavy winter drink. Strong notes of chocolate malts chased by powerful bitterness from New Zealand. A slight touch of beechwood smoked malt makes it a complex way to get absolutely drunk.

Brewing School

It’s time to learn how to brew.

This course will cover the basics of brewing science and recipe design on the one day brewing crash course.
Head brewer Michal will take you on a journey through the ingredients and processes required to make great beer.

The course includes:

  • Morning coffee/tea & pastries
  • Full brewing day spent with our head brewer
  • Lunch – this will be provided by one of Greenwich’s finest lunchtime eateries
  • Tickets for a comedy night of your choice worth £20
  • Mini-keg of beer we made to take home (5L) worth £25


This class is an ideal starter course for the aspiring professional brewer and enthusiastic homebrewer alike. All recipes, ingredients and equipment are supplied by Up The Creek Brewery School.

This course covers

  • Brewing Overview & Beer Styles
  • Water Chemistry
  • Mashing & Wort Production
  • Hops additions
  • Wort Boiling & Clarification
  • Yeast
  • Fermentation & Conditioning
  • Packaging & Dispense



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Head brewer Michal


I believe in sharing knowledge with fellow brewing enthusiasts. My recipes will be shared here with nothing to hide. Take a look at them, use them to your liking.